Helping Transfer the Human Remains


Founder Director Ms. Poonam brings meritorious experience of having managed Citizen Services & Assistance Services at U.S. Embassy New Delhi for over 20 Years. She is the Director Operations for all Assistance Services. She specializes in Air Medical Evacuations, evacuations by Road / Air in difficult terrain, Repatriations, Ground Assistance, FRRO, OCI and other Indian Visa related works. Poonam is the “go to’ person to get your work done in 30+ countries including Austria, Ireland, Germany, United States, Nepal, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Middle East and many more. Her Compassionate nature is the key to services related to repatriation of Human Remains.


  • Graduation in Humanity from Delhi University
  • Secretarial Practice from YWCA Institute, Delhi
  • Graduate in English Literature from Delhi University
  • Certified on Core Humanitarian Standards from Humanitarian Leadership Academy, UK
  • Certified on Disaster Risk Reduction from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, USA
  • Certified in Public Health Principles in Disaster & Medical Humanitarian Response from Oxford University
  • Certified on Victims Assistance Training course from US Department of State
  • Certified on Nationality Law and Counselor Procedures from US Department of State
  • Leadership Development programme from US Department of State


Medical Evacuation and worldwide Assistance
  • ISAPL helps a person in Medical distress or Traumatized in an alien location, with Quick and precise medical assistance. The criticality and terrain demands Air Ambulance, with specialist doctors. For foreign nationals; the process, procedure, documents, clearances and facilities are different and do need a comprehensive approach. ISAPL combined experience of 60+ years handling foreign nationals is unique.
  • In the region, similar services are run by only Male Doctors. It is a man’s world. I am the only non-Medical & a Female leading an organisation. I remain unbiased on selecting the ‘suitable’ Medical team.
  • I had seen the disparate and disjointed sector & persons in despair. In a situation of emergency, one had to coordinate with: Affected, Employer, Family, Doctors, Insurance, Hospital, Airport, Air Charter, Consulate. I decided to be wing-to-wing venture. We created a model of ‘Partnership’ with global stakeholders with 40+ formal Agreements.
  • Our concept is to be more comprehensive. We are the only company to own the complete value chain of Medical Risk Coverage, Risk mitigation and Risk services to human life.
  • Next 2 years: We have a simple mission of 2 evacuations per week, 20 able hands, 2 large corporate clients, 2 Insurance alliances. Next 5 years: We shall have 5 divisions, 50 countries, generating 50 crores net profit.
  • We shall be operating our own Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in either India or Middle East. We will be integrating the e-commerce