Helping Transfer the Human Remains

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International Repatriation

ISAPL has served international repatriation for over 6 years. We organise repatriation for Families, Funeral homes, Insurance companies, Employers and Embassies. Our international repatriation service transports the Human remains all over the world; across cities and countries. We can also use Private Air Charter.

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What to do when death occurs?

We understand the mental trauma and emotions that families face in a situation of friend / relative relative dies overseas. We empathise with the family and take over the related process, permissions, clearances, coordination, documentation and cargo arrangements. Our cross culturally experienced team team provide the most appropriate and economical help for the loved one return home.

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Repatriation for Corporates

We have an established network of committed and reliable personnel throughout the world. Our international funeral directors and connections enable us to manage the unexpected and arrange repatriation home quickly. India Repatriation International assist companies with the international repatriation of their staff to their family, seamlessly.

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Funeral Directors

We deliver international repatriation services for funeral directors. India Repatriation International can provide as much or as little of the international repatriation and funeral services you may need. We can tailor our services to your requirements.

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At the heart of international repatriation

ISAPL has been in the league of international transportation of Human Remains for more than six years. With extensive global presence, reliable established network, and experienced alignment to the Embassies and High Commissions; we follow funeral traditions and ethical processes. We are responsible to help families and employers, irrespective of the location and time of the tragedy. ISAPL has earned numerous Thank-you notes from the families.

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