ISAPL provides repatriation services to families worldwide who had a sad demise of near-dear in the India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka. Our team transfer the deceased overseas to any international destination e.g. Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Israel etc; to their final resting place. We can also transfer the Remains in a Private Charter aircraft, if asked. We also handle the personal effects of the deceased. We facilitate the travel back of the accompanying friend / family. On request, we can cremate locally and dispatch the Ashes to the family.


The immediate thing to do when our services are sought to provide some important details. ISAPL will then handle all related aspects of the repatriation until the Remains have reached the destination. The initial documents for the deceased are:

  • Death Certificate from the Hospital / Doctor
  • Copy of Passport
  • Location and contact info of the local companion
We shall further seek the Authorisation and fees from you.



ISAPL can accommodate the type of services family wants, whether to hold, bury, cremate, transport, exhume in India or arrange one at the destination city / country.

In India, we have mortuary and Freezers that can hold your loved ones before repatriation. Contact us if you want us to collect your loved one for a mortuary holding.

We can arrange a memorial service prior to repatriation, in our Chapel of Rest, church or other faith venue for family and friends to attend.

The deceased can wear their own clothes or we can provide a gown. We can dress the deceased in preparation for repatriation..

We can arrange a local cremation if you would prefer, and repatriate the ashes of your loved one to their destination.

Our translation services are available for documents that you may need in another language

Contact us for information on the exhumation of the deceased and repatriation of exhumed remains

Dependant on your location cryonics suspension may be possible.  We can discuss in more detail if you require more information.



ISAPL works at international level. Hence the coffins, caskets and urns are of the appropriate quality and conformance; suitable for both storage and transportation and funeral. Before transporting, we get the remains embalmed to the international standards. Those are further sealed in a Zinc lined, bio degradable bag sealed coffin for transportation.