Helping Transfer the Human Remains

Death in the UK

Being in a foreign country organizing repatriation can be a stressful and difficult experience for a family. ISAPL has regional offices Canada, Australia, Nepal, Dubai, Oman and Kiev to help the families. ISAPL has a multi-lingual team that will help you wherever you are. With the assistance of one of our agents worldwide we will provide you professional services and ensure an efficient repatriation.

What do I need to do?

Immediately connect to our 24×7 command center at +91-11-46594412. Send the email to with following attachments. ISAPL will then take care of all further aspects of the repatriation until the deceased has reached their final destination.

  • Death certificate from the Doctor
  • Passport copy of the deceased

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.
We shall subsequently seek more info and provide you the Quote and timeline.


Additional Services

We offer additional assistance within our full repatriation service:

Service prior to repatriation

Arrange a memorial service prior to bringing your loved one home.

Local cremation and repatriation of remains

Cremation is available in many countries, but not all. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.

Cryonics (Country Dependent)

Dependant on your location, cryonics suspension may be possible. We can discuss in more detail if you require more information.